Proposals from the RSPB for Wallasea Island

The Parish Council received an email from Jeff Kew of the RSPB regarding concerns over the project:

In response to your queries:

Our planning application is based around the bulk of material coming from the London Crossrail Project with the remainder of material coming from other large infrastructure projects.

I can reassure you that all imported fill will be brought in by sea. Our application was determined on April 24 by Essex County Council and a planning condition will be imposed to secure this.

A copy of the committee report is available on the Essex County Council website and may be of some interest to your Council:


We are currently in the process of concluding the S106 agreement prior to consent being formally issued.  As part of the consent we have committed to establishing a local liaison group that will provide a further  opportunity for your Council to be involved in the project.

On the issue of material quality this will be highly regulated backed up by a rigorous testing regime -the detail of this will be determined by the Environment Agency through an Environment Permit (formerly known as Waste Management Licence).

We would be very happy to attend a further meeting of the Parish Council to update you on the project and discuss your objections to the project (of which we note there were several).  This would provide an opportunity for you to meet Chris Tyas in his new role of RSPB Wallasea Island Project Manager.